Monday, 13 July 2009

Mistress Charlotte's caning table

And for those who like more traditional forms of punishment, this is a device for holding victims for judicial canings and birchings at the studio of Mistress Charlotte. It looks as though it is based on the Lupus caning stool, but with the added features of wooden restaints, even for the neck !!


  1. Yes Very similar to the Lupus caning stool but the Lupus base is larger for stability, not sure how stable this one would be. I also prefer the leather straps on the lupus stool and the freedom of the head.

  2. Yes, I remember watching the Lupus caning stool for the first time. They then later added longer base supports as the young ladies were in danger of toppling the thing when caned properly. I have a pic of an even later version where the victim is well off the ground. See entry Lupus stool.